The Barbaric King of Online Games

Another thing that surprised Chu Zhong was the attributes of the monster. On the same map, the factors that affect the attributes of the monster are nothing more than rank and grade, and the influence of grade on the monster is much higher than that of grade, although the level of these forest snowman elite guards is higher than those forest snowmen that Chu Zhong had seen before. But it is very puzzling that this kind of forest snowman elite guard attributes in addition to some poor blood, in attack and defense and other aspects are actually higher than the forest snowman overseer Olemka, who is one level higher than him, and more than a little bit higher. This is quite an abnormal phenomenon, even if the forest snowman overseer Oremka’s level is only 45, but according to common sense, his attributes should not be so different from those of these elite guards. Why are there so many strange things that don’t make sense in places like this? What is hidden in this cave? Could the merchant be hiding in it at that time? Not to mention that people are curious animals, this is true, after seeing all kinds of unreasonable phenomena, Chu Zhong was full of curiosity about the cave in front of him, this fellow immediately had the idea of going into the cave to find out, and he also thought of a very invincible excuse with his curiosity, that is, whether the time merchant Oren would be among them. With all kinds of confusion, Chu Zhong ran in the general direction of the cave! Because he and the strange level difference is too much,plastic pallet manufacturer, plus here is the snow, the effect of stealth is greatly reduced, Chu Zhong is careful when entering the cave door, he waited left and right, and finally waited until several snowman elite guards patrolling back and forth on both sides of the cave had their backs to the cave entrance, this fellow rushed in directly at the fastest speed. Whew. After entering the door, see did not enter the combat state,secondary containment pallet, Chu Zhong a little relieved, that a few snowman elite guards are 50 strange, and attributes are also very Niucha, with his current state if into the battle, the only way is to escape. Chu Zhong went into the cave, did not rush to go inside, but first took a breath and looked around the environment, he immediately found that the cave was completely different from those before, before he entered several caves whose common feature is that it is dark and cold and damp inside, and this cave is quite bright, there are torches every few meters on both sides of the cave. These huge torches not only illuminated the cave, but also made the cave look quite warm, and the surrounding stone walls were full of traces of artificial carving, plastic pallet price ,drum spill pallet, some places were carved with strange reliefs that Chu Zhong could not understand, and some places were hung with the skulls of wild animals. This place is not badly decorated. Chu Zhong curled his lips and continued to walk inside the cave. The cave is not straight, but with a certain radian, so from the entrance of the cave can see the things inside the cave is not much, Chu Zhong along the side of the cave, quietly groped to the inside of the past, along the way, he saw a lot of monsters, most of them are snowman elite guards. There are a small number of people holding a dung fork with two branches in front of the kind of staff of the snowman sacrifice soul, Chu Zhong quietly used observation to look at each other’s attributes, found that the thing and elite guards are the same level 50 monster, but from the attribute point of view, this thing should belong to the category of legal system. Chu Zhong walked straight inside from the entrance of the cave. About three hundred meters before, the cave was relatively spacious. After three hundred meters, the cave was divided into two forks. The left one was as spacious as the previous one, while the right one was a small road, which was only about two meters wide. Chu Zhong hesitated for a moment and then got into the more spacious fork. Chu Zhong continued to grope inside along the road, and advanced about a hundred meters, this fellow unexpectedly found a copy of the door at the end of the cave, and guarding in front of the copy of the door is four forest snowman elite guards. Pretty good! There’s a copy of this place. It seems that I have a place to upgrade in the future. “Chu Zhong saw the copy of the door was very excited, although the copy of the door was guarded by elite guards, he could not go in to visit, but Chu Zhong was still able to infer something from the information he had learned.”. According to his observation, this copy should be a 50-level copy, although Chu Zhong can not figure out why there is a 50-level copy on the 40-level map, but one thing is certain, that is, the level of monsters in the copy will certainly not be lower than these gatekeepers. Seeing the copy, Chu Zhong was happy, but while he was happy, he thought of some other questions. He said that since there was a copy, there must be a copy of the task. Brother didn’t see the NPC who took the task outside the cave. So is the NPC in the middle of a small fork? And will the NPC who receives the task in this place be the time merchant Oren I am looking for. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 538 Trapped Orcs. With all kinds of doubts, Chu Zhongyou quietly returned to the position of the fork according to the original road, and then got into the narrow fork. Chu Zhong along the narrow fork has been groping inside, into a distance of about 50 meters, the front suddenly clear, there is a radius of almost 20 meters long rotunda, the hall inside a total of three groups of strange, of which two groups on the side, the middle group, the number is five or six,plastic pallet bins, and to the attention of Chu Zhong is the middle group of strange. A yellow-haired forest snowman with two huge round hammers in his hands. This guy should not be a good stubble. Chu Zhong took one look at the majestic yellow-haired forest snowman, and then threw the observation in the past with trepidation. Demon Mona Morgan Forest Snowman Elite Guard Chief Osirik (Demon, Quasi-BOSS) Rating: 51 Attack: 43765092 Defense: 406 34734. Qi and blood: 1730000 Shadow damage is halved. Freezing is disabled. Water damage is halved.


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