In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using an online property valuation. First, you should be aware that an online property valuation does not take into consideration the interior and exterior features of a property. This makes it less accurate than in-person appraisals. Furthermore, online valuations do not identify defects. Online Valuations Are Not As Accurate As In-Person Valuations While free online house valuation tools can provide a useful starting point, they are not as accurate as an in-person valuation. Online house valuations can miss important variables, such as the age of the property and any major work it has undergone. They also use generic data, such as square footage and the number of rooms and garages. The best way to determine the exact value of a home is to compare it to similar homes in the neighborhood. The more comparable properties that can be compared, the better. Online house valuation tools can be an accurate starting point for sellers, but they cannot replace a real-world appraisal. Online house valuation websites usually base their estimates on the average price per square foot in a particular ZIP code. This is because these sites aren’t run by humans […] read more