Carnatic music is a traditional form of Indian music which has been passed on from generation to generation. It is an art that requires a lot of dedication, patience and discipline. Learning Carnatic Music the traditional way can be difficult because it requires a lot of practice and patience. Online classes are a better alternative to learning Best Online Music Academy in Tamil Nadu because they are more convenient, flexible and cost-effective. Online classes also offer more choices in terms of teachers, content, time and location.   What Do I Need Before Taking a Class?   When you are ready to take a class, it is important to know what you need. You can find out what you need by reading the section below.   You will need a laptop or computer with internet access, a reliable internet connection and a good typing speed. It is also important that you have an updated version of Microsoft Office installed on your computer.   What Online Platforms Offer Good Quality Lessons?   Online platforms offer lessons for a wide variety of topics. They are also a great way to learn Online Music Classes in Tamil from people who have expertise in the […] read more