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March 29, 2024

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Acupressure Mat

The Dr Kez Acupressure Mat & Pillow set might look like a bed of nails, but it’s really a mat of feel-good dreams. Acupressure points throughout the body are stimulated by our therapeutic little spikes and after only a few minutes you can start to feel relaxation set in as tension eases away. read more
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What is AcuTech Mat?

AcuTech Mat is scientifically designed stress buster tool that harness the power of acupressure and deep touch stimulation to help improve blood circulation & reduce muscle tension. Engineered to effectively target deep tissue & melt away tension, our AcuTech Mat’s 204 round massagers trigger 5508 pressure points within the body to give you a massage like feeling at home. As a result of spending a mere 15 minutes on the mat daily, be rest assured that you’ll experience improvement in your sleep quality within 2 weeks’ time. It benefits just anybody & everybody. This is how people from different walks of life can find utility out of AcuTech. read more
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