Online exam software

Pesofts is a firm that creates online exam software and teaching programmes for pupils. Our mission is to serve students of all ages with creative solutions that make learning more dynamic and interesting.

An interactive learning platform that allows students to access course materials, participate in online conversations, and complete assignments from any device is one of our most popular offerings. This platform is intended to be user-friendly and straightforward, allowing students to quickly get started and remain on track with their studies

We provide a number of teaching tools to assist instructors deliver more effective classes in addition to our learning platform. Teachers may use our virtual classroom tool to host live lectures, hold office hours, and grade assignments all in one spot. We also provide tools for developing and delivering assessments, such as quizzes, exams, and surveys.

Pesofts believes that education is the cornerstone for a prosperous future, and we are committed to assisting students and teachers in their endeavours. Our educational software and teaching tools are created to make learning more accessible, interesting, and successful for all students.    


Online exam software


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