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Evaluating and Optimizing Student Performance with Data

Constantly determining a student’s performance means day-to-day assessment of student work and their progress.  Diving into large data like this would eventually lead to burnout. Fortunately, Oogyy’s advanced education management system and analytics tools make it easier to measure, manage and evaluate student performance. Let’s take a look at how you can use data analytics for turning actionable insights into visible results.

Better decision-making: Being able to make data-informed decisions is one of the main advantages of using Oogyy. Educators can use Oogyy’s LMS analytical tools to monitor and analyze their students’ academic performance, enabling educational institutions to enhance the overall learning experience. Institutions no longer have to speculate on which areas of the course are effective. But rather, they can use the data as evidence to track students’ course progress and identify areas of improvement to drive comprehensive academic growth.

Better Communication: Spotting the changing student behaviour is crucial if you want to keep an edge in the education industry. Usually, institutes communicate with their students independently through traditional mediums like emails, phone calls, direct meetings, etc. However, merely tracking student performance and behaviour trends won’t tell you everything. Educators need to clearly understand how students are impacted by the course content, and class sessions, and how effectively resources have helped in learning progress, and for that, you need better communication. With Oogyy’s powerful visual analytics tools, institutions can bridge the gap between students, teachers, parents, and administration.

Identify Areas of Improvement: With the right LMS analytics, educational institutions can get accurate and actionable insights on demand to identify and fix issues regarding the learning process. Oogyy provides institutions with necessary data and allows educators to arrive at meaningful conclusions based on courses, live classes, resource views, and more. Furthermore, the administration can take leverage of the features provided by Oogyy’s analytics tools to monitor overall classes taken, course completion, and progress by generating relevant analytics reports based on the latest data and thereby, identify areas that need more attention.


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