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How to Order Natalie’s Skin Solutions Gift Certificate

Step 1
Select a voucher on the shop page and click the one you selected. Fill up the Recipient Name and Recipient Email, where the name of the receiver of the voucher and the recipient’s email and then click Add to Cart.
Step 1
Step 2
Click on the checkout button at the top of the page to process the payment of your order
Step 3
Complete the form in the checkout page and click Proceed to Paypal at the bottom of the page
Step 4
Use your paypal account or create one by using the form to finish up the payment
Step 3
Step 5
Once the payment is completed, a confirmation page would appear and an email would be sent to the recipients email with the printable voucher attach on it
You can also click the Return link in order to redirect you on the page where you can download and print your paid voucher
Step 5


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