How might your benefit affect if you take Student Finance?

How might your benefit affect if you take Student Finance?

Many of our students have a significant concern. If they start their Higher Education at the University with the support of student finance, their benefit will be affected.

This is not entirely correct. Student Finance considers a Loan.

Additional Grants: Parent learning allowances, adult dependant grants, and disability-related grants are considered your income or funding from student finance as these grants are not repayable.

In many scenarios, when anyone visits their local benefits advisor and 99.9% of the time, they will tell you that the benefit will stop. Still, if you ask why student finance is a load repayable as per its term, you will never find an answer.

How can you overcome these challenges and find the correct information?

Go to the government benefits calculator called Entitledto and there are many more.

Alternatively, get in touch with one of our student consultants, and we will provide you with a complete financial assessment.

Why Active Care Education?

Our services are designed for your best interest, and we ensure every step of your journey remains seamless.


With our proper knowledge, we will guarantee your university admission and help you get the maximum funding available in your circumstances.


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