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Microblading is a type of cosmetic tattooing that fills in the gaps between your brows. It’s designed to make your brows appear bigger and thicker. The method is also known as:

  • >3-D eyebrow embroidery
  • >microstroking
  • >semi-permanent makeup

Natalie’s Skin Solutions’ aesthetician uses a special instrument to make microscopic incisions in the skin during a microblading procedure. The tool is made up of many needles attached to a handle. The technician adds pigment into the cuts to simulate eyebrow hairs. The hue of the pigment used will be determined by your own preferences.

What is the difference between microblading and getting your brows tattooed?

Microblading, unlike tattooing, is performed on the skin’s surface rather than in the deeper layers. This is also not permanent, since the color fades after 18 months.

We use a handheld needle/blade, and the hair strokes are much more natural and finer than any tattoo – there is no electrical device that is deeply embedded in this technique.

If you want your brows to seem feathery and plump, consider microblading. It’s a semipermanent alternative to applying makeup to your brows, such as brow gel. If you suffer brow hair loss, a condition known as madarosis, you may want to try microblading. This can occur for a number of causes, including:

Microblading Process

Step 1: Consultation – Natural Eyebrow Analysis

We will evaluate your natural brow structure, no matter how sparse it is, to determine where we will tattoo to give you a larger look.

You should come in with your brows done normally so that we can see what you want.

Your natural brows are then evaluated and brushed back to see what we’re dealing with.

Step 2: Measurements

The next step is to use rulers or callipers to equally space your new brows.

We will talk with you about whether you want a natural or more aggressive finish. We will discuss the best shape for your face and the best shape for your natural brow shape.

Step 3: Pencil

We’ll start drawing on the brows once we’ve decided on the shape and general look you desire. This will not represent the final appearance since the color will be off and the pencil will be solid, rather than hair strokes, if that is what you have selected. Before we begin tattooing, we merely want to establish a concept of the form and location. This is an important stage to achieve because your brows will most likely stay on your face for several years.

Step 4: Mixing the colour

Your selected color, which should complement your natural tones, will be blended and agreed 

Step 5: Tattooing

If you’re concerned about pain, don’t worry too much. Everyone’s tolerance level is obviously different, but in general, it’s just an unpleasant scratching sensation that your body will quickly adjust to. You have a tendency to sneeze and have a runny nose! We will not use a topical anaesthetic on the first layer since it causes the skin to become spongy and the ink to absorb less efficiently. If you are prone to pain, taking paracetamol 30 minutes before treatment may be beneficial.

Microblade tools are used to carve small hair strokes into the skin (thus the title Microblading!). The initial layer of microblading will be the most uncomfortable because it is applied in phases. We can put numbing cream on subsequent layers, and your body will naturally adapt to help dull the sensation. As a result, the subsequent layers are less uncomfortable.

Step 6: Time to Heal

Aftercare instructions will be provided, including no activity for a week (to prevent perspiration) and keeping them completely dry for 10-14 days – yes, this may appear to be a long time!

Aftercare cream or oil, as well as thorough aftercare instructions, will be provided. Remember that the skin is exposed, like a wound, and that infection must be avoided

They may itch for 5-7 days while the skin heals, which is very normal – try not to touch them!

You may be disappointed if they continue to fade, but be patient – it is normal for brows to pale as part of the healing process, but the color will return.

Step 7: Touch Up Session

For the final result, you will require a second session of microblading. This can be done 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment. You’ll go through the outcomes so far and determine how much more you want to include. The procedure and follow-up treatment are the same as before. Do not, I repeat, do not get them wet!

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