Few Dos and Don’ts While Using Sex Toys

Today is when you should take control of your sexual fantasies and truly feel alive. One way to take control over this is to invest in sex toys from a sex toy shop NZ. This would help you bring your fantasies into reality and give you an amazing time. However, before using them, you should know a few Dos and Don’ts.


Start small. When you are getting started with using sex toys, you should try using the smaller sizes first and introducing them slowly into your life. Once comfortable with them, you can upgrade to a larger size. Check out reviews and blogs to understand what kind of toy would be suitable for you. When going in for penetration, ensure to use lube as it would make it much more comfortable. Experiment as much as you want because it will open new doors for you that you may not have ever experienced before. Take care of your sex toys properly. Keep them in a safe place and ensure to clean them regularly using cleaning products meant for sex toys. This way, they can last for a long time. Make the most of your time when you are using the toys and do whatever you want because it all depends on your imagination. Have fun alone or with your partner, depending on what you enjoy.


Do not be in a rush when you are using sex toys. All you need to focus on is enjoying them. It would help if you did not share your toys with anyone without cleaning them. This is important for hygiene. It would be best if you did not use anything not meant for your body inside, considering it a toy. You should only purchase the toys from reliable sex toys online NZ websites that use the finest materials so that you do not face any difficulties after using them. When you are using the toys, do not use them for your vagina after anal play. The bacteria can cause issues in your body afterward. Hence, cleaning it before using it in your vagina is crucial.

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