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China Clean and Strip Disc factory Golden abrasives stripping disc features premium extra coarse silicon carbide grain and open web structure, it can aggressively clean without burning the workpieces, and helping extend service lifetime. Clean and Strip Hook and Loop disc is especially designed for coating removal, polishing the surface, paint stripping, Rust removal, Deburring. They are used for all metals, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, plastic and stone surfaces. Advantage of Open Web Abrasives We intersperse premium abrasive grain on synthetic fibers using resin to create a open web construction. It keeps the abrasive grain cutting sharply and enhances cut performance and increasing service lifetime. The fibers works well on contours and responds to remove the unwanted substance on the surface, you can get a consistent and uniform finish after sanding preparation surface. Hook and Loop Attachment Removal Disc Packs are a good option for operators who need an abrasive disc and a hook-and-loop backing pad. Hook-and-loop (Velcro) feature makes disc attachment, removal, and re-attachment easily. Golden abrasives provide one stop service for strip and clean disc, you’ll get professional solution to removing rust and paint, please send us your requirement via email: [email protected] Clean and Strip Disc with Velcro Backing Information TypeCSD500 ColorBlack, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red are available GrainPremium silicon carbide, white aluminum oxide and Ceramic BackingVelcro backing ApplicationsRemoving rust, paint, and coatings from metal. It鈥檚 widely used for removing paint and welding rust, cleaning weld seams and finishing surface preparation. Model typeSize (diam/thickness/hole)Max RoundMax speed mminch(R.P.M)(m/s) CSD500150脳152脳3/5600030 CSD500263脳152-1/2脳3/5500030 CSD500375脳153脳3/5440030 CSD5004100脳154脳3/5340030 CSD5005115脳154-1/2脳3/5340030 CSD5006125脳155脳3/5340030 CSD5007150脳156脳3/5260030 CSD5008180脳157-1/5脳3/5180030China Clean and Strip Disc factory website:


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