Cannon fodder wants to live.

“I was going to bring it back to you, but I couldn’t.” Qin Su’s voice sounded in the doorway, holding a veil in his hand and wiping his hair, as if it were a casual remark. Zhang Caixuan gently stroked the bag of dry snacks, as if he had touched his heart. The other day you.. What the hell happened? Qin Su Lin entered the door and reached out to embrace her. Zhang Caixuan leaned in his arms. He was carrying the fragrance of the soap clip after taking a bath. It was very familiar to her. After so many days, she smelled it again. Zhang Caixuan’s nose was sour and her tears fell down uncontrollably. “I’m afraid something will happen to you. If you don’t come back, what will happen to our mother and son?” Qin Su-lin hugged her and whispered, “I’m sorry, Caixuan.”. Worried you. Zhang Caixuan raised her head with tears in her eyes. “I tell you that you should be good in the future no matter what. You should always remember that there are our mother and son waiting for you at home.” Qin Sulin reached out to wipe the crystal tears from her face. “Good!” “Don’t cry.” Qin Su Lin whispered. Zhang Caixuan glared at him and reached out to wipe her eyes. She just couldn’t control herself for a moment. She didn’t like to cry all the time. He wiped his eyes and reached for the veil on the side to wipe his hair. Qin Sulin sat down on a chair and whispered, “We went there very smoothly that day. We didn’t meet anyone at all.”. It seems that they are all waiting to rob on the way back. Maybe they mainly want to rob the things we bought. Just out of the town, they surrounded, Tu Liang, they are not the first time to encounter robbery, with a hoe rushed up, a hoe down, knocked a man down to the ground, a swollen head. At this point, he chuckled, “Fighting a lot, we all know that we must go up hard, all of a sudden to suppress their momentum, and then hurt two people, they should run away.”. I didn’t expect.. “I didn’t expect that there would be a police patrol in Huanxi Town. We didn’t feel anything wrong before.”. The yamen came up and took us all to the prison of the capital government. When we went there, the prison was still empty. Two days later, there was no room for it. A man like Shiye came to tell us that we were all fighting and making trouble, and now the court is particularly strict with this, but if we find it, each of us will be punished with two hundred sticks. Zhang Caixuan frowned. “If it’s not a fight, how can it kill people?” Two hundred sticks down, the designated legs are broken, with the current medical skills, basically can not be saved, even if not dead, probably can not stand up in the future. Qin Su-lin smiled, but did not answer her. Then he said, “If you don’t want to be punished with a cane, you can offset your merits and demerits. Now the national strength of South Vietnam is empty, and bandits are making trouble everywhere. It is the time when there is a lack of officers and soldiers to suppress bandits.” Zhang Caixuan wiped him almost and combed him carefully with a wooden comb. Hearing this, she was a little angry. “Can they really beat people to death?” Otherwise, why didn’t they come back. Qin Sulin looked cautious. “It’s true that several people were scolded in front of our face stick, and they were all people who specialized in caning. They, each of them, finished two hundred, and the one who could endure the most died at 186 sticks.” So, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet price, they don’t really have a choice but to take orders. Qin Su Lin shook his head, “the caning was too miserable. When he died, his lower body was basically blood-red. At first, he could call, but later he couldn’t call.” Only the dull sound of the board hitting the meat was left, and when it was lifted, it would splash blood beads. Zhang Caixuan inexplicably remembered the fate that belonged to her, and that was how she was killed with a stick. Maybe it’s even worse. Those people in the Yamen are professionals, and they know the weight of their hands. The reason why they can’t survive is that they are probably tired. Anyway, they are all going to die. A few sticks are over. But the servants of the Zhou family would not live like this. They were simply beaten to death with random sticks. Her thoughts drifted away, and Qin Su immediately found out and asked, “Caixuan, what are you thinking about?” Zhang Caixuan came to her senses, “I didn’t think about anything. There is a saying that those who know the times are outstanding.” Qin Su Lin smiled sarcastically, “what knowledge of the current affairs, but still want to live.” Zhang Caixuan said with a straight face, “It’s normal to want to live. No one wants to die.” I don’t want to talk about this again. Now that I have gone, it is impossible for the officers and soldiers to come back when they are vacant. And asked, “What do you usually eat?”? By the way, do you have any food? Qin Su Lin changed the topic along with her meaning, “eat big pot dishes, one dish and one soup for each meal.”. It’s basically green vegetables with little oil and water. Help yourself to the soup, but the soup. It’s actually water. “No steamed bread?” Zhang Caixuan doubts, just eat these, it is better to stay at home, still have the strength to practice? Qin Su Lin laughed, “Yes, each person has a steamed bun, if the relationship is delicious, there will be two.” Zhang Caixuan felt a little distressed. “Are you full?” Although Qin Sulin’s family was in decline, he never lacked silver. He had enough silver to eat and drink. He usually ate chicken and pork. Maybe he seldom ate such food in his life of more than 20 years. Qin Sulin turned around and looked at her with a look full of heartache. “Of course,” he said with a smile, “you can drink the soup casually.” Zhang Caixuan was silent. Are you full of water? After a while, he said, “will it be very hard?” In fact, it is really hard to get up to practice before dawn. “Hard work,” he said directly. Zhang Caixuan was even more distressed. Remembering something, she asked, “How long can you stay every time you come back?” “Every time?” Qin Su Lin doubts. Seeing him like this, Zhang Caixuan was suspicious. “The little general who sent the document that day said that you would come back once every ten days.” Qin Su Lin laughed, “did you hear wrong?”? How can you come back every ten days? “Ah!”! Can’t come back? Zhang Caixuan was really surprised this time, but in the bottom of her heart she felt that what Qin Sulin said was true. Qin Su Lin is a soldier, not a yamen, that is can go home, but also can go home every day. But the officers and men are different. They have to drill every day and live and eat in the barracks. It’s not easy to come out. Chapter 192 pregnancy. Qin Su Lin smiled bitterly, “I can’t come back.”. I might be able to come back once a month or so. Zhang Caixuan was a little confused for a moment, and if he didn’t come back later, there would be only their mother and son left in the family,plastic pallet suppliers, just like the previous ten days. She came to her senses and asked, “When are you leaving this time?” Qin Su Lin’s voice is a little low, “tomorrow morning.” 。


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