5 Tips for Motorcycle Safety Every rider needs to know

There are many dedicated riders who manage to avoid accidents and ride their bikes with no incident. Their success is due to practicing the most basic safety rules for motorcycles.


1. Get ready :

Contrary to popular opinion the fact that you look cool isn’t the most important thing to consider when you get on the bike. However hot it is out, shorts, a T-shirt, or sandals aren’t the best biking clothes. Even jeans offer little protection from injuries and road rash should you do slip. You can get the most protection by wearing leathers, or with armored pants, jackets and boots.


2. Enjoy your time in the comfortable zone :

Make sure that neither the route or Motorcycle Trainingis more than you manage. The bike you choose should be suitable for your body, which means your feet ought to sit on the ground flat when sitting and not tiptoe. If the bike is to heavy, then it most likely is.


3. Check your vehicle :

Give your bike a thorough review before taking to the roads. Things to look over each time you step on your bike include tires, mirrors, and lighting. By taking a short walk around the bike can help you determine whether there are missing bolts, leaks, or other possible mechanical dangers.


4. Make sure you use your head :

Mirrors are useful to serve a purpose but you shouldn’t rely solely on them to stay conscious of what’s happening within your immediate riding area. To stay aware of your surroundings and position relative to the people in the vicinity, you must to keep your eyes on the road.


5. Pay attention to the road :

As a motorcyclist, it is your responsibility to have to be attentive to the road you’re riding on. Take a step of caution when riding in curves, and be aware of possible gravel or other unsteady road conditions. Be aware when crossing tracks for rail as the paint may be slippery, and the same applies to the stoplights’ white lines.  For more details visit at https://3cmt.co.uk/


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