The beauty industry has gotten itself into a great, big mess when it comes to “clean” beauty. Products that meet our definition of “clean” do not contain parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, cyclic silicones, polyethylene or polypropylene (microbeads), aluminum salts, hydroquinone, PEGs, triclosan, talc, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, or toluene. This clarifying shampoo gets rid of oil, dirt, and product buildup, and hydrates your scalp (with jojoba and Martha’s Cosmetics Eye Serum blue tansy flower extracts) in the process. She’s tried others, but always returns to this option for the way it hydrates her 3C/4A curls: “After all this time, it’s still one of my favorite hair masks,” she says. New York dermatologist Gary Goldenberg likes that this tool has the option of five different strength settings. “Some areas of the skin are more delicate, like the areas on the eyes or on the mouth where you don’t necessarily want to have the same strength as you would on the forehead or their cheeks or a neck,” he says. This powder turns into a milky liquid that sloughs off dead cells without irritation while a blend of oat and coconut extracts leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Basically, that’s what this gentle scrub does for your scalp: It gets rid of dead cells and gunk through gentle exfoliation so the rest of your products can perform better.

Furthermore, even if a substance has been demonstrated to protect skin cells or stimulate collagen production in a test tube, this is no guarantee of its effectiveness when applied to real human faces in a cream. Obviously people still make mistakes even when they try hard to be perfect. Why it won: You know how people obsessed with their lawns dethatch their grass before fertilizing it? Why it won: This sunscreen has an ambitious to-do list: protect, moisturize, Martha’s Cosmetics Eye Serum plump, hydrate, minimize pores. Why it won: If you live in a rental, you’ll be happy to know that the sugar crystals in this scrub dissolve when they hit water. Why it won: Associate digital beauty director Sarah Kinonen attests that this cream blush (available in five shades) creates a soft flush that’s similar to the one she gets during a 30-minute Peloton interval class. Why it won: Martha’s Cosmetics Eye Serum We can tell you this formula (available in nine shades) has hydrating vitamin E and plumping aloe butter – and it does! Why it won: If you like precise instructions, you’re going to hate what we’re about to say: You can use your fingers to dab this sheen-y cream (available in nine shades) pretty much anywhere you want to look dewy.

Why it won: Staff editor Jihan Forbes has a love affair with this kakadu plum and Martha’s Cosmetics starflower oil-infused mask. AHA. It’s naturally produced during bacterial fermentation, like the kind that occurs in the making of your favorite cheese and yogurt; that’s right, your fave DIY yogurt mask? It’s chock full of lactic acid. But if you’re like us, the second you get a look at its mirror-like finish, you’re already sold. Sure, the skin might look plump and youthful, but its pores are probably much larger and easy to spot. Why it won: Applying this bouncy moisturizing cream is like sending a strongly worded email to your skin cells: The peptides within act as teeny, tiny messengers that signal the production of collagen, which in turn helps lessen fine lines. Why it won: Jumbo shrimp, small crowd, gentle exfoliator… Why it won: Martha’s Cosmetics Eye Serum It’s hydrating! Why it won: In a move that would make most marketers squirm, this foundation is designed so that if you wear it enough, you might feel as if you no longer need it. Why it won: We love all our styling products, but there’s a special place in our hearts for the ones that make our hair look good on days it could really stand to be washed.

Why it won: Use the inner curve of this crescent moon-shaped wand to build volume, and the longer, Martha’s Cosmetics Reviews outer bristles to lengthen. Why it won: If a regular balm is like a drink of water for your lips, Martha’s Cosmetics Eye Serum this one is a $14 green juice. Why it won: “Silky, lovely, supple, glorious.” No, we’re not trying to show off our new thesaurus. Why it won: If you don’t want your concealer to crease, just don’t smile, talk, Martha’s Cosmetics Eye Serum laugh, or Martha’s Cosmetics Eye Serum blink. Why it won: To apply this velvety bronzer, swirl a dense brush into the creamy formula, make a fish face, and sweep along the hollows of your cheeks. Why it won: Your scalp is sort of like that space between the driver’s seat and the center console of your car: It collects everything. Why it won: In our humble opinion, the best fragrances are always at least a little polarizing – and this one is no exception.